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Video marketing is an excellent way to get out in front of your customers. You have two main choices for video marketing. You can use YouTube or Vimeo. In both cases, you can buy followers for your accounts once you set them up. Let’s look at the benefits of each one, and then go over […]

Video marketing is an excellent way to get out in front of your customers. You have two main choices for video marketing. You can use YouTube or Vimeo. In both cases, you can buy followers for your accounts once you set them up. Let’s look at the benefits of each one, and then go over how to buy YouTube and Vimeo followers. Finally, you’ll learn how those followers will transform your video marketing campaigns.

Why Vimeo?

You might be new to the Vimeo marketing scene, or maybe you haven’t even uploaded your first video yet. That’s because you don’t know why Vimeo is such a good choice. Check out these reasons and then you’ll be a step closer to buying video followers.

The Quality of the Video

If you’re trying to run a marketing campaign, you need to use high-quality videos. YouTube videos are OK, but Vimeo videos are of an extremely high quality. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t compress the videos down to nothing to take up less space. Instead, the videos look just as they did when you finished editing them with your video software. Since you don’t lose any quality, you can put your best foot forward with Vimeo. That’s good news for professional brands that want to look their best at all times. They’ll be happy that they don’t have to sacrifice quality during their video marketing campaigns.

No Pre-Roll Ads

Let’s be honest. People do not like watching ads before videos. Many of them will click out of the video as soon as the ad starts. If your videos have pre-roll ads, there’s a good chance you’ll lose views. You don’t have to worry about that with Vimeo. Your video plays as soon as people click the play button. They don’t have to suffer through an ad, so they are more likely to watch your video all the way through. That’s a relief for marketers that are afraid of losing viewers because of ads.

Custom URLs

You want to brand your company in every possible way. That even means you want to customize the URL. You can do that with Vimeo. You can create a memorable URL that people can share. People will automatically know who you are and what you offer when they look at the URL. That’s a great feature and really makes Vimeo stand out.

Excellent Community

Vimeo is a niche site, and it has a very involved community. You won’t find the spammers and trolls on this site. Instead, people who comment on videos add something to the discussion. This is a departure from some of the people who use YouTube. Reading the comments on YouTube can be disheartening at best. In fact, some people disable the comment feature on YouTube so they don’t have to suffer through the posts from trolls.

Customizable Video Player

You can upgrade to Vimeo Pro for Business and customize your video player. Add your own logo or use a third-party player if you want. This is another cool branding option. You can make your company stand out with this feature. Now you might be ready to buy Vimeo followers.

Why YouTube?

Vimeo looks like a great tool, so you should just go with it, right? Not so fast. YouTube also has a lot to offer people. In fact, it’s the most popular video marketing site for a good reason. It has tons of benefits you won’t want to ignore.

A Huge Audience

You want your video to get in front of as many people as possible. YouTube has a huge audience, and it is growing by the day. In fact, around a third of the people who use the internet are on YouTube. Top that off with the fact that YouTube is second among the search engines in the world, and it’s easy to see why so many people use YouTube. As a bonus, Google prefers YouTube over other video sites, so it will bring it up in the search results faster.

It’s Free

Vimeo has a free basic account, but you must pay if you want to unlock most of the features. YouTube is free for everyone, even businesses. Sure, there are paid options you can use, but if you want to create a basic business account, you don’t have to pull out your credit card with YouTube.

Add Interactive CTAs to Your Videos

YouTube lets you add interactive calls to action inside of your video. These clickable hotspots are used to drive traffic to products or websites. Basically, you can talk about the product or service in the video and then include a link for people to click. That’s an easy way to drive traffic and sales.

The Solution – Use Both

Vimeo and YouTube both have a lot to offer marketers so don’t settle for one. Use both. You can buy Vimeo followers and YouTube followers to get the most out of both marketing options.

How to Buy YouTube and Vimeo Followers

You want to use both, but you don’t want to wait months or even years to build a following. You can make the process much quicker by buying followers. How does that process work, though? You have a few options for this. One, you can sign up for a follower swap. You will follow other people’s channels, and they will follow yours. This is a slow process. You will likely follow a handful of channels at a time, and get a handful of followers in response. Second, you can order followers from a company. You’ll pay a fee, and the company will deliver some followers. Third, you can use a bot. You’ll pay for the bot, get a proxy to hide your identity, and then the bot will send you some followers. The great thing about this option is you can continue to get followers every time you use the bot and, in most cases, you’ll only pay a one-time fee. It’s very important that you use a proxy for this, though. If Vimeo and YouTube detect bot activity, they will likely ban your account. A proxy will hide your identity and activity. Don’t go with just any proxy, either. Free proxies are typically slow and they don’t have all of the protections in place. You could end up going with a free proxy that is run by a hacker. Before you know it, you’ll have a virus on your computer and you’ll be shut down. It’s hard to get more followers when you can’t even turn on your computer. Instead, go with paid dedicated proxies. These proxies are fast and safe, so you can connect to YouTube and Vimeo without any issues. You also need to make sure the proxies you choose work with third-party software. Some only work with limited software, and that can be a problem. If you pick a proxy that works with all software and applications, you won’t hit any stumbling blocks out of the gate. That means you can expect smooth sailing during the process. Now let’s look at the benefits of buying followers.

Benefits of Buying Followers

Once you buy followers, a few things will happen. Let’s look at the reasons to buy followers. Then, you’ll know why so many people choose to buy YouTube and Vimeo followers.

More Credibility

What happens when you go to a YouTube channel and the person has three followers? If you’re like most people, you roll your eyes and move onto another channel. Suddenly, that person doesn’t have any credibility. He or she could have the greatest, most informative video in the world, but you won’t trust it, all because of the followers. When you buy followers, you also buy credibility. People look at your channel as a credible source of information because you have followers. This is a quick way to build a credible channel. It’s much easier than slowly gathering followers week after week and month after month.

Social Proof

This goes hand in hand with credibility, but they are still both worth mentioning. Social proof occurs when people notice that others have taken an action. When people see that others have followed your channel, they will be more likely to follow you, as well. It’s as if the world is telling them that your channel is worth following, so they take notice and click the follow button. Let’s look at an example of this. You go to the store to buy laundry detergent. There are rows and rows of detergent, and you don’t have a preference. You are just going to buy whatever is there. Most of the rows are filled to the brim, but then you go to one row that only has one bottle left. Bottle X is obviously a very popular brand. The store can’t even keep the shelves stocked. Because of that, you pick up a bottle of Bottle X laundry detergent. That is social proof in action. You did something because others did it, and the same is true on Vimeo and YouTube. When people notice that you have lots of followers, they will want to follow you as well. They will do what their peers have done. That’s the way the world works.

Increased Engagement

If people see that you have a popular channel, they are more likely to engage with you. They will want to get in on the fun, so they will comment on your videos and become a part of the party. This is an excellent way to boost engagement quickly. The more engaged your followers become, the more your videos will spread across YouTube, Vimeo, and Google. They will become the hottest videos around, and that will help you get even more followers.

Get Started Today

You can begin the process right now. Start by finding the tool you want to use to buy followers. Add your proxies into the mix and get started. It won’t be long before you have a solid following in place. Then, make the most out of your new following. Upload videos on a regular basis so you can attract more followers. Eventuality, you can stop buying followers and let your followers grow organically. You will be able to attract more and more people in a shorter period of time once you get the ball rolling.


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