Hire And Get Hired With These LinkedIn Proxy Tips And Tricks

LinkedIn is an American-based social media platform that provides business and employment-oriented services operating through websites and mobile apps. It was founded on December 28, 2002. While it has been launched since May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is a professional networking system used to provide and post jobs. LinkedIn is used all around the world and […]

LinkedIn is an American-based social media platform that provides business and employment-oriented services operating through websites and mobile apps. It was founded on December 28, 2002. While it has been launched since May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is a professional networking system used to provide and post jobs. LinkedIn is used all around the world and is primarily the social media platform preferred by professionals, for professionals. LinkedIn differentiates itself from the social media for professionals creating professional connections for people in the real world.  At the moment, it has 630 million registered members in 150 countries across the globe according to the report of June, 2019.  

How LinkedIn has grown to such an Enormous Size?

LinkedIn has grown to such an enormous size because of building strategic relationships. Thus, the type of connections is more important than the number of connections. In fact, LinkedIn provides quality, not quantity as it stops showing the actual number of connections once an account achieves more than the five hundred connections. It is working on the concept “Six degrees of separation” which starts connected with suggested known connection. Then it can be expanded into a larger network for the following purposes as finding freelance work or clients, gaining resources, and building partnerships.  In addition, LinkedIn is ideal in building connections for customer base projects, freelance work, and potential partners and keep open the job prospects for all the members. 

Importance of LinkedIn to a Business

LinkedIn plays an important role in the digital marketing. It provides a platform where a businessman can connect the people. There are many types of skills available on this platform that are just a search away. It is the go-to site for those seeking employment opportunities as LinkedIn offers so many jobs and skills of different specialization.  In fact, many companies prefer LinkedIn for their human resource activities to make sure that they are able to get quality and trustable potential employees and they are sure that these people are always a search away on LinkedIn. It is a job generation server that also works with modern technological tools that businesses use with the help of a proxy LinkedIn.

Why We Should Use Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

Some LinkedIn users offer multiple skills. To make sure that they get to grab every opportunity available, these users create multiple LinkedIn accounts – different accounts for each specific skill that they can offer. Every second, more and more people join LinkedIn. Is a force to be reckoned with in the social media space with its more than 630 million users in which some use LinkedIn proxy site and some few through a LinkedIn proxy while others with simple web browsing. The userbase of LinkedIn is primarily professionals and these professionals are connected with different companies.  In fact, professionals create multiple accounts, as mentioned earlier so they can showcase their different skills through different accounts. Whatever one wants to sell, to do, to be or to say as long as it gets them the work opportunity they need from LinkedIn. But these accounts need to be active or online most of the time and require extra managing time and effort. With that in mind, keep reading so you can address such a challenge.

LinkedIn Account Management Software

In doing LinkedIn marketing, lead generation, or content posting service for multiple accounts, here are the some of the most used tools today:  Buffer – a well known social media management tool that allows you to post on your LinkedIn account in one place. Buffer also offers a browser extension making it easier for you to share links to anything around the web. Simply click on the extension and have it scheduled on LinkedIn. Buffer offers a free trial for you to test the tool but take note that you will only be able to configure one LinkedIn account. All other features including advanced analytics are being offered on their paid premium plans. Hootsuite – functions the same as Buffer, although its user interface is not as easy to navigate as Buffer. You can configure your LinkedIn profile and add your LinkedIn page to your Hootsuite and you can take advantage of their free plan which can be used to up to 3 accounts. Please do note that like Buffer, features on the free plan will be limited. Quintly – the go-to tool in conducting audits, Quintly is a robust tool for analytics. You can take advantage of this tool to monitor not only your presence but also your competitors as well. These functions are not only limited to LinkedIn as Quintly can be used for your other social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.. Plan starts at $129 a month with different packages being offered.

LinkedIn Proxy Server

It is necessary to use a quality LinkedIn proxy when managing multiple LinkedIn accounts. When managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, it is necessary to use separate chrome extensions with separate LinkedIn proxy VPN extensions. As the algorithm system of LinkedIn shows an activity with one tool. While a higher level of activity may lead to issues with LinkedIn limits. However, the LinkedIn proxy server requires quality software and proxy for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Free LinkedIn Proxies and Paid-Quality LinkedIn Proxies

Free proxies mean anybody can access very easily to LinkedIn via a free proxy, basically. However, free proxies come with different issues. One primary issue would be security. Services providing free proxies tend to get their sources of income in a different way. Rather than selling these proxies, others opt to advertising and even the selling of user information to keep their services up and running.  Security compromise is something a user cannot sacrifice especially those using proxies for LinkedIn access. Another issue for these free proxies would be its reliability when it comes to speed. As these resources are shared, don’t expect a speedy service. On the other hand, a paid proxy service would be a better choice in managing LinkedIn with the use of a proxy. Paid proxies, whether premium or shared proxies do a much better job in handling one’s security and offer a way better speed and reliability.  If you need proxies and ensure that you have a peace of mind while connecting through them, paid proxies will be the better option for you. As mentioned, there are many proxy types one can use – either free or paid proxies. What one should really take into consideration is the reliability that these services can offer to them. In the modern world, privacy is a very important factor because of which many job seekers, recruiters and sales professionals prefer to pay for LinkedIn premium while the others quickly decide to turn to the free version. Quality proxies matters because they won’t get an account to be banned and be secured from cyber theft. A paid quality proxy works fast and secure for the user’s account and personal information.


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