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Highlight: Get to know MapleStory Proxy and how to become a gaming master. If you are a hardcore game player, you play games all day and try to dominate them. To fasten the game achievements, what people do is they bot or hack the game. If you are also interested in fastening your performance in […]

Highlight: Get to know MapleStory Proxy and how to become a gaming master. If you are a hardcore game player, you play games all day and try to dominate them. To fasten the game achievements, what people do is they bot or hack the game. If you are also interested in fastening your performance in the MapleStory game, you can bot the game.  While botting any game, proxy servers play a crucial role. It helps to make requests using IP addresses. This post will help you know how you can dominate the game with MapleStory proxy and botting. Let’s first understand what a proxy server is. The proxy server is basically the intermediate between the internet and the user. The proxy server sends requests from clients to find the resources from the servers that provide the resources. Another important task of a proxy server is to maintain the secrecy or anonymity of the user.

About MapleStory

Different types of games come and go. If you are also a hardcore gamer, you play different games, explore, and then conclude whether you will keep playing that game or not. If you play different games, then you must have played the MapleStory game. It is one of those games which has so many fans. Not all, but the majority of gamers love playing this game. MapleStory is a 2D game, side-scrolling online multiplayer role-playing game. The game is developed by a South Korean company Wizet. Playing this game is so much fun. This multiplayer video game allows you to chat as well as voice chat. This is what makes it more interactive and fun to play. The reason why people love playing MapleStory varies from person to person. The reason could be nostalgia, community, story, reboot, or progression. This is an old game. It was first released in 2003. So many people have spent the majority of their childhood playing this game. Playing this game helps people refresh their childhood memories. This is one of the reasons. Another possible reason could be the story of the game. The game story is quite interesting and so many people play this game due to its interesting story.

Why People Bot on MapleStory

First of all, not all people out there bot or hack MapleStory games. Though MapleStory botting is done by the majority of game players, there are also game players who don’t want to play by hacking or botting. There are so many reasons why people bot or hack on MapleStory. Some people do it just for fun. They are interested in seeing how much they can do by botting the game. The major reason why most people bot on MapleStory is because they don’t want to put hard work in progressing the game. They can progress the game a lot faster through botting. If you also want to fasten your game progress, then you need to bot or hack the game. Another major reason why so many people consider botting the game is that they don’t have enough time to play the game, but still they want to experience the endgame content. Last but not least, people also do this to sell their MapleStory account. You must have noticed there are many people out there who sell these accounts. By botting the game, it gets easier to get the good price of the account.

Why Do Bots Need MapleStory Proxies to Work?

As we know bots play a very important role in hacking the game. If you want to bot the MapleStory game, you will also require the help of a good proxy. Depending on the type of proxy you choose, they come with different benefits. It can help you maintain anonymity, change the location, etc. Apart from this, it can also help you in your game. With a good quality proxy, you can easily bot the game. You can bot or hack your MapleStory account. With the help of bot, you can automate everything.  You can make digital bot steps into the actual steps. The bot can do everything. It can attack monsters with random patterns, it can collect the game’s currency. One of the reasons why people do bot is because it helps to speed up the length of time it takes to move through different regions. For newbies, the main question is why bots need proxies to work. If you want to bot the MapleStory game, you will need the MapleStory proxy. Bots need MapleStory proxies to work because proxies are paired with bots. They help to make requests using IP addresses. Through the help of proxies, it gets easier for bots to do their task. If you want to bot the MapleStory game, then you will require a good proxy server. Without the proxy server, you won’t be able to get the most out of MapleStory botting.

What Are SOCKS Proxies For MapleStory?

While looking for a proxy for the MapleStory game, you will find so much information. You will come across different types of proxies: SOCKS, HTTP, etc. The good thing about SOCKS proxies is they are faster. And, they are also simple in nature. If we talk about the protected version of SOCKS, it is SOCKS5. This protected version of SOCKS proxy ensures a safer exchange of data. If you want to get a proxy for MapleStory, note that HTTP proxy is not supported by MapleStory yet. You must have to get the SOCKS proxy for that.

Examples of Bots Used For MapleStory

There are different bots used in botting the MapleStory game. Here are some examples:

Kami Bot

While using the kami bot for the MapleStory game, you should not enable auto-attack. However, you can turn on auto buff and auto hp/mp. To avoid auto-ban, make sure to auto CC every 500 seconds.

Keystroke Bot

Keystroke is another example of MapleStory bot which can help you hack the game. With this bot, you do not need to inject, it can open and close whenever you want.

Best Proxies for MapleStory

The selection of the right proxy server is so important as the effectiveness of MapleStory botting is based on this. While finding the best proxies for MapleStory, you will come across three kinds: free, shared, and dedicated. Let’s understand all three:

Free proxy

Free or public proxies are available for completely free. This is the type of proxy you should not be getting. There are so many problems with free proxies. First of all, with the use of this proxy, you won’t be able to maintain anonymity. There will also be security issues. Apart from this, it will provide you poor performance.

Shared proxy

As we have seen, free or public proxies have so many users as they are available publically. In the case of shared proxies, they are not available publically and free.  To get a shared proxy, you have to pay some money. As compared to free proxies, the performance will be far better. Normally, the users in shared proxies are around 3 to 5. It means you would be able to maintain anonymity.

Dedicated proxy

If you are very much concerned about security and performance, then you should use a dedicated proxy. By getting the dedicated proxy, you will be the only user. It means security will be great.  Talking about speed and performance, a dedicated proxy will give you better results as compared to free and shared proxies. The only downside of dedicated proxies is they are so costly. If you have enough budget, it is advisable to get the dedicated proxy.

Final Thoughts

If you want to bot MapleStory game, you will need a good quality proxy. Proxy is essential for bots because it makes it easier for them to do their functions. As we have seen, there are three options available for proxies: free, shared, and dedicated. If you want to get best performance and ensure security, then you must get a dedicated proxy for MapleStory.


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