Improve Twitch Experience With Twitch Proxy And These Tips!

What is a Twitch proxy? – And how you can use proxies on a Twitch software to manage multiple accounts. If you’ve ever wondered about how to access sites like Twitch, which are restricted in some countries, then you are not alone. Twitch is a popular live-video streaming platform that has recently garnered more recognition […]

What is a Twitch proxy? – And how you can use proxies on a Twitch software to manage multiple accounts. If you’ve ever wondered about how to access sites like Twitch, which are restricted in some countries, then you are not alone. Twitch is a popular live-video streaming platform that has recently garnered more recognition and exceeded the viewership of numerous well-known channels. The great thing about Twitch is that you can watch or live-stream with millions of viewers watching. You can effortlessly stream while playing a game and display your gaming dexterity to tons of viewers. This is the main reason why the popularity of the platform has been growing rapidly. Even though it’s enormously high-demand, many viewers across the world are unable to access the platform due to their location. However, with a Twitch proxy, these users can easily watch skilled gamers live-stream their gameplay.

What Is A Proxy?

Proxies are a priceless tool for accessing content on the internet. Every internet-enabled device such as a phone, tablet, or computer comes with a unique IP address. Usually, when surfing the internet without a proxy server, your requests are sent directly between your device and the website you’re visiting. However, with a proxy, there is a middle-man connection between your device and the website. Your request hits a proxy server first, before being forwarded to the website. The proxy server then retrieves your information from the website and sends it back to your device through the proxy. During this process, the proxy masks your device’s IP address from showing up on the website. Instead of showing your device IP, it shows the proxy IP.

Why Do You Need To Use a Twitch Proxy?

For a website, seeing the incoming and outgoing traffic on its site can be valuable. However, if your device’s IP address is visible and can be tracked by the websites you visit, then it’s almost impossible for you to be safe and anonymous while surfing the internet. That is why technology like a Twitch proxy is very important. Once you start using a proxy for Twitch, the website thinks you’re in the same location as your proxy server, allowing for greater anonymity. This means that with a proxy you are no longer limited to your physical location and your privacy is protected. Using working proxies for Twitch make for a better live streaming and all-round gaming experience. This is the reason why good proxies for twitch have continued to grow in popularity.

Benefits Of Using a Twitch Proxy

There are many good reasons why you should use a proxy while accessing Twitch, here are some of them:
  1. Unblocking accounts

Botting activity is usually regarded as suspicious and can lead to your account getting banned or blocked. Fortunately, with a Twitch proxy, you can unblock your account to allow you access to your much-loved live stream gaming accounts. Also, you rest assured that if you watch Twitch on a blocked account, your real identity or location cannot be tracked. Moreover, because proxies are sold in bundles, if one of your proxies gets blocked, there’s always another one readily available from your bundle.
  1. Avoiding location restrictions

A lot of websites place restrictions on their content thereby stopping people outside their country from seeing that content. A proxy provides a great way to bypass such limitations so you can watch as much content as you want. For instance, if you live in Malaysia but would like to watch content that is only available for United States residents, then you would need to purchase a proxy originating from a U.S-based proxy server. Besides, a frequent traveler can watch all the live streams they want, no matter their location in the world. So, Twitch users do not need to create a new account if they travel to another country.
  1. Boosting views/hits

A lot of people use bots alongside their proxy to access Twitch. This is because bots can increase visibility for a Twitch account. If you’re a new user on Twitch with just a few followers, you can use bots to boost your views, making your site more credible with an increase in real viewership. As bots are automated and pass through websites quickly, sites like Twitch have a high tendency of blocking them.  However, with a rotating proxy, your chances of using a bot too many times on a single IP address is greatly reduced. This way, your online activity appears normal to websites.

Types Of Proxies

There are several types of proxies:

Free Proxy Servers

These are free of cost. They can help you hide your IP address and make you anonymous. Even though free proxies get the job done, they do not last long and they can be exceptionally slow.

Shared Proxy Servers

A shared proxy provides an IP address that can be used by multiple users at the same time. Shared proxy servers provide better speed than free proxies, however, they have their own limitations. One such limitation is that if any of the users on a shared proxy gets banned, then everybody is affected. Another limitation is that if a large number of people access a shared IP there is a drop in speed and performance.

Private Proxy Servers

This is the preferred option for many users due to the top-notch services they provide. Private proxies can be accessed by only one user who gets to enjoy all the facilities available to a single user. Private proxies are faster and more secure. Additionally, the level of privacy provided by private proxies is extremely anonymous and very difficult to detect or breach. Why Private Proxies Are Best for Twitch Accounts The advantages of using a private proxy for Twitch streamer are as follows:

Private and Secure

  • Private proxies are, well, private. If you buy them, no one else can access them.
  • With private proxies, your personal information can never be compromised. Thus, there is a high level of security.
  • Private proxies will always provide you with a different IP address every time.

Several Locations

  • Normally, private proxy services provide IP addresses from a variety of locations allowing you to surf the internet from different places.
  • Having access to different locations can come in handy if you need to visit the Twitch website from different locations.
Final Thoughts Twitch is an amazing platform for gamers who need to gain insider knowledge about a game to acquire some advanced skills. It can be an incredibly rewarding platform as you come across like-minded people who enjoy gaming as much as you do. Still, even Twitch can be restrictive. However, through the help of a Twitch TV proxy, you can bypass location limitations, unblock Twitch, and use a bot to boost the number of views for your videos.


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