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Know Why You Need And How To Scrape Real Estate Listings

Are you in the real estate industry? Great, using quality scraping proxies can be helpful for you should you decide to scrape real estate listings. The proxy server can benefit you in different ways. Before we talk about it in detail, first understand what actually a proxy server means. The proxy server works as an […]

Are you in the real estate industry? Great, using quality scraping proxies can be helpful for you should you decide to scrape real estate listings. The proxy server can benefit you in different ways. Before we talk about it in detail, first understand what actually a proxy server means. The proxy server works as an intermediate between the user and the internet. It sends requests from clients to find the resources from servers that provide those resources. By using the proxy server, you don’t directly connect to the server that fulfills the requested resources. When you use the proxy, the client sends your request to the proxy server, after that, the proxy server checks out the request and provides you required network transactions. If we talk about real estate, you will find different real estate scrapers. There are various reasons why people do real estate web scraping and scrape real estate listings.

Reasons Why People Are Scraping Real Estate Information

If you are in the real estate industry, you might want to start scraping real estate information available on the web. Here are some major reasons why people are scraping real estate information:

Stay updated

The first and main reason why people in the real estate industry scrape real estate information is to stay updated about the market changes. Through scraping, it is possible to get notified when a particular type of change occurs in the real estate market. This is the best way to stay updated. Changes like when the listing gets removed, you get notified for that as well.  This allows you to get the clear idea about the real estate market conditions. As real estate is one of the most competitive industries out there, it is very important to have a clear cut idea about the market.

Market forecast

You gather real estate data from the web and you can use that data for market forecasting. As we know, real estate is a very competitive industry. It is very essential to have a clear idea about the market.  The already available data and the past data can be used to make forecasts of the future. When you try to do the web scraping for real estate manually, it gets really time-consuming. With the help of a web scraper, you can get all the information in detail and forecast the market more accurately.


The use of a good proxy server can be a great time-saver for you. It helps you to save time so that you can focus on your important tasks. When you stay updated regarding market changes, through the help of a good web scraper, there will be no need to check the market changes frequently. Through real estate web scraping, you get all the data in one place, very quickly.  But, when you try doing it manually, it becomes really time-consuming. Apart from this, the major benefit is accuracy. The data or information you receive through a good web scraper tool provides you the exact information, while manual web scraping may lead to some errors.

Best Tools That Can Be Used To Scrape Real Estate Information

When it comes to webs scraping real estate information, you can extract the data for various parameters. Some important parameters in the real estate industry web scraping are size, property type, location, sales price, amenities, monthly rental price, parking space, and agent contact. Through a good web scraping tool, you can extract all these data from a particular real estate website. Here are some of the best tools you can use to scrape real estate information:

1. Oxylabs

A web scraping tool which allows scraping real estate data. Oxylabs has over 60 million residential proxy pools. The purpose of this tool is to gather real estate information from the web and deliver to the user. This tool has global coverage, it means you can find proxies in all the major countries.

2. Bot Scraper

Bot Scraper is another web scraping tool for real estate information. Through this tool, you can extract the data from search engines and from websites. The company ensures it will provide a risk-free, fast, and accurate data extraction service.  It will help you collect the data related to property type, location, sales price, agent contact, etc. Depending on your requirements, it can give you daily/weekly/monthly data extraction services. And, it will export the collected data in any file format.

3. Data Extraction Services

Data Extraction Services tool also works on gathering real estate data from the web. Depending on your requirement, the tool will crawl your chosen real estate website and it will extract data for real estate properties. It can provide you the data for different parameters.  Depending on the available parameters like sales price, size, amenities, property type, rental price, agent contact, etc., it will gather all the data and give you the file. It can provide the file in Microsoft Excel, XML, Microsoft Access, SQL, etc.

Benefits Of Using FREE vs PAID Private Proxies For Scraping

The proxy server could be free or paid. Both of these proxies have their own pros and cons. Which you should select is mainly based on your purpose. First, let’s understand the benefits of free proxy servers for scraping.

Benefits of Free Proxy for Scraping

Here are some benefits:

1. You don’t pay anything

The major benefit of using a free proxy for scraping is it allows you to use the service, without paying anything. When your budget is limited, you can go with a free proxy. In the case of a paid proxy (especially dedicated one), the price you have to pay will be a bit high.

2. Can be used for the test project

If you are not working on a very important project, you may consider using a free proxy. Through the free proxy, you can experiment with your test project without paying any money. However, if your project is important, it is not advisable to use the free proxy. Note: Free proxy servers have very limited advantages. Note that when a company does not charge any money from you, it means you are the product.

Benefits of Paid Proxy for Scraping

Here are some benefits:

1. Maintain anonymity

Through a good proxy server, you can maintain secrecy and anonymity. If you go with a free proxy server, there is no guarantee that the secrecy will be maintained. Most of the companies that provide free proxy services use the data of their users in the wrong way.

2. Access blocked content

Another great advantage of using a paid proxy server is it allows you to access the blocked content, without any hassle. If a real estate website is blocked in your location, you would be able to access it through a paid proxy.

3. Security

Security is one of the main advantages of a paid proxy. If you choose any free proxy server, you do not get as much security as you will get through a paid proxy server. So, if you are working on an important project, you can ensure its security by using the paid proxy.

Final Thoughts

Real estate is the most competitive industry out there. The use of a proxy server for real estate information can help you stay updated about the market changes and also save time. The important thing is you need to use a web scraping real estate proxy from a well-known service provider.


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