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If you’ve spent any time on Facebook and other social media channels, you know likes are hard to come by. You follow all the best practices, and you still can’t get people to like your posts. This is incredibly frustrating, and it’s led you to look at some alternatives. One of those alternatives is to […]

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook and other social media channels, you know likes are hard to come by. You follow all the best practices, and you still can’t get people to like your posts. This is incredibly frustrating, and it’s led you to look at some alternatives. One of those alternatives is to buy Facebook post likes. Before you jump in and do this, you probably want to know how it works and why people are so quick to do it. Then, you’ll know if it should be a part of your social media marketing strategy. First, let’s look at why you want to get likes, and then, let’s look at how to go about buying them. Then, you’ll be ready to begin the process.

Why You Need Likes on Your Facebook Posts

When you post something on Facebook, you want people to like it, but you might not really know why. Sure, it’s a big ego boost, but there must be some other reason to go after likes, right? There are several. You’ll enjoy lots of benefits if you get more likes on your Facebook page posts. Let’s look at some of the top reasons that people buy Facebook post likes. This will give you some insight into why this is such a popular Facebook marketing strategy.

Increased Visibility

You want people to see your posts when you make them, but you need some engagement to make that happen. Some people who follow your page have thousands of friends, and your posts will get lost in their newsfeed unless others give it a boost by liking it. Failing to get likes means you will also fail to be seen. As your engagement levels plummet, Facebook will push your posts farther and farther down the page. Soon, your posts will be completely invisible. You don’t want that to happen, so you need to get likes. Otherwise, you will waste your time marketing on Facebook.

Increased Reach

You want your posts to spread beyond the people who follow you, and if your followers like your post, they will. Not only will your followers see the post, but their friends will see it, as well, as long as they click the “Like” button. If your post is interesting to their friends, they might click on your page and like it so they can also get your updates. This increased reach can put you in a much more powerful position on social media. You will have a lot more exposure, and that will help you grow your page and your brand.

Build Social Proof

When you buy Facebook page likes, you don’t just get more likes. You also build social proof. Social proof is one of the most powerful selling tools out there. When people see that their friends or even others on social media are into something, they are more into it, as well. It’s the whole, “If everyone else is doing it, I should be, too.” People give into peer pressure every day. You might as well use it to your advantage.

Get More Comments

When a post has lots of likes, it’s also likely to get some comments. Comments help you understand what your audience wants from you. Think of comments as important feedback. People use comments to let you know what they like and don’t like, and then you can use that information to create a better experience for your followers. On top of that, comments will boost your engagement levels even more. That means your page will become more and more visible as you get more comments. Now that you understand the “why,” it’s time to look at the “how.”

How to Buy Facebook Post Likes – A Tale of Three Strategies

There are three main options for buying likes on Facebook and other social media sites. Let’s look at all three you will have a better understanding of how this process works.

Paying a Company for Likes

First, you can pay someone to send likes your way. You essentially go to a company and let the staff know that you want 1,000 likes on your post. Then, they give you the likes. That’s easy to do, but there is a big problem with this strategy. The process is out of your hands. You do not know what the company will do, except for the fact that they will certainly take your money. You don’t have any control over the quality of the likes and you aren’t even sure if you will get as many likes as you paid for. It’s difficult to determine if a company that’s selling likes is reputable or not, so stay away from this method.

Using an Auto Like Bot

Using an auto like bot is another option. You pay for the bot, download it, and then set it up. It then increased your likes. There are also some problems with this method. You aren’t going to get authentic likes if you use this option. Basically, the bot will either create fake accounts or get your likes in some other way that won’t help you gain the right kind of exposure. Let’s think about what would happen if you got a bunch of likes from fake accounts. You wouldn’t increase your visibility because the fake accounts wouldn’t have any real friends. You also wouldn’t build a relationship with the people who like your post because they aren’t real people. Then, you should think about what would happen if your fans found out that you have fake likes. They probably wouldn’t be too pleased about it. They would think that your entire company was a sham. It’s best to stay away from this one. That leaves you with one more option.

Using a Multi-Functioning Bot

You can use a multi-functioning bot like the Fan Page Robot to get more likes. Tools like this automate several processes that let you build up more likes organically. They don’t use fake accounts so you can get authentic likes on your posts. Then, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with an increase in likes. Tools like this will generate hashtags to help you increase your visibility and auto-post and auto-schedule your posts for you. You can also use these tools to find the top influencers on Facebook and to discover new content that you can repost. This will take a little bit longer than it would just to buy likes outright, but the extra work is so well worth it. Remember that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, so take your time with the process. Now let’s look at some tips you need to follow if you use any type of bot on Facebook.

Use Proxies

Facebook does not like people using bots. It does everything it can to track down bot usage and shut accounts down. So how do you keep Facebook from knowing you’re using a bot? Step one is to set up a proxy. This will mask your identity and location, which is an important step in protecting yourself. Here’s a tip, though. Make sure you choose a proxy that is close to home. It doesn’t have to be in the same state, but it does have to be in the same country. It’s going to look odd if you log into Facebook from New York at noon and Germany at 1 p.m. That will set up a huge red flag, and Facebook might shut down your account to protect you. Avoid this problem by choosing proxies in your country of origin. You also need to make sure you pay for the proxies. As nice as it might sound to have free proxies, those proxies come with strings attached. For instance, if someone uses a free proxy and does something to get banned on Facebook, that proxy goes back into the pool. You could end up with it and then you will automatically be banned on the site, as well. That’s not a good way to start your day. You also want to check the proxy’s speed. It’s a good idea to find a proxy with a limited lag. Otherwise, your bot will have a hard time running.

Take It Slow

You also need to take it slow when using bots for Facebook or any other site. You might want to get results as quickly as possible, but if you open your bot up and let it run at full blast, Facebook will take notice. So, how slow should your bot work? Think about how fast you can work as a person. Then, use that as a baseline for configuring your bot. Your bot can work a little bit faster than you can, but you shouldn’t let it work much faster. If it makes thousands of requests a second, Facebook will know that you’re using a bot. However, if it makes a request every second or two, it won’t be nearly as obvious. In other words, your bot can work faster than you can, but not much faster. The faster it goes, the more likely it is that Facebook will detect it. That means it will be likely that you’ll get shut down before you can accomplish your goals.

Do Your Homework

You also want to do your homework before choosing a bot. Anyone can put a bot up for sale, so you need to read reviews before buying and installing one. You don’t want to get a virus, and you also don’t want to get a bot that doesn’t work. Find out what others are saying about the bot before you commit to it. That way, you will make a good decision.

Is Buying Facebook Likes Right for You?

Now that you have the information, it’s time to make a decision. Do you think buying Facebook post likes is the right choice for your page? If it is, choose your strategy, get a proxy, and start boosting your likes. Then, it’s up to you to harness those new likes into an opportunity. With the right marketing strategies, you can turn your likes into customers and brand advocates.


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