SuperSonic Premium Private Proxies

Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are split between 3 users. You could be potentially sharing with up to two other users on a proxy. This may cause some sites to be blocked if another user has used the proxy on said site. This allows us to provide proxies at a significantly lower price. Not for use for social media accounts.

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Private Proxies

Private proxies are only used by a single user (you). The proxy will not be shared with any other users. These proxies are better suited for social media accounts and other dedicated purposes.

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Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies will provide you with ports that will change per IP given. You may select for each proxy to rotate from 10-120 minutes. When you connect to the port, the proxy will change automatically for you to the time you set.

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Shoe Proxies

Shoe proxies are optimized for accessing footsites since they are in a hosted in datacenters near major footsites. These proxies are only used by you so you will be connected instantly.

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