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What Is A Soundcloud Proxy?

Although some of us may be unaware of what a SoundCloud proxy, we are no strangers to SoundCloud. This is the website that brings the dreams of many aspiring singers to fruition. People from around the world share their skills and musical masterpieces on SoundCloud every minute of every day. However, reaching out to a […]

Although some of us may be unaware of what a SoundCloud proxy, we are no strangers to SoundCloud. This is the website that brings the dreams of many aspiring singers to fruition. People from around the world share their skills and musical masterpieces on SoundCloud every minute of every day. However, reaching out to a wider range of audience may not be as easy as it seems. Hence, artists are continuously looking for ways to promote their SoundCloud pages and increase their SoundCloud Plays. The problem lies in the fact that SoundCloud only allows one account per IP. An IP is the digital ID of the device you are using, i.e., laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet, etc. That’s how websites recognize you on the web. Moreover, there might even be some Geo-restrictions imposed on the content. Plus, there are some countries where SoundCloud is not even available.  This is where SoundCloud Proxies come to your rescue.

Perks Of Using A SoundCloud Proxy

A SoundCloud proxy goes a long way in helping you get the most out of SoundCloud. It improves your experience with the platform and comes with several perks. The major highlights of these perks are listed below:

Helps Overcome Geographical Barriers

More often than not, certain types of content have Geo-restrictions imposed on them. In other words, only users from a specific region can access that content. Consequently, users from other regions have no access to it. Using a SoundCloud proxy allows you to access region-specific content despite the Geo-restrictions imposed on it.

Increased SoundCloud Plays & Views

SoundCloud is very strict when it comes to plays and views insights. Most of the SoundCloud promotional campaigns involve SoundCloud accounts promoting other SoundCloud accounts. However, you can only create one account on each device. This makes it quite a challenge for a new but talented artist to be noticed. A SoundCloud proxy helps you fix that. It allows you to create multiple accounts using multiple SoundCloud proxies and boost your number of plays and views.

Helps Drive More Traffic

A SoundCloud proxy helps you overcome geographical barriers which, in turn, helps you reach people from all over the world. The world really does become your oyster in this case. As more and more people reach your content, your SoundCloud leads experience a boost. As a result, the number of your SoundCloud views and plays improves as well.

Essential For Networking Automation

Most of the promotional strategies on SoundCloud involve users interacting with one another to share their works. If the other person likes it, they’d share that track on their profile. However, you cannot spend all of your time reaching out to other users and asking them to check out your content. That’s where automation comes in. Pairing SoundCloud proxies with a SoundCloud bot helps you automate your networking tasks.

What Is A SoundCloud Bot?

A SoundCloud bot is a piece of software used for automating certain actions on the web. It allows you to focus on creating new content by performing all the basic networking tasks on your behalf. However, you cannot afford to be impatient here. You have to automate your SoundCloud bot in a way that mimics human networking behavior. By human networking behavior, we mean that your SoundCloud bot should not perform all the tasks every few seconds. That is not natural human behavior. Time the activities of your SoundCloud bot carefully so that it stays under the radar. You can also use a SoundCloud Play bot that focuses solely on boosting your SoundCloud plays. Automating your SoundCloud plays by pairing a free SoundCloud Plays bot with a reliable SoundCloud proxy will do wonders for your SoundCloud Plays insights. However, you need to take the same precautions with SoundCloud Play bots as well. The automation needs to be regulated carefully. Make sure there are sufficient time gaps between each play. Otherwise, SoundCloud’s system will catch onto that and you might end up holding the shorter end of the stick. Some of the best SoundCloud bots include AIO Stream, Mr. Insta, Somiibo, UseViral, Followers Up, Sound Bolt, and SoundCloud Manager. A SoundCloud bot is not only suitable for efficient automation of your networking tasks but also ideal for handling your social media marketing campaigns. When used along with a powerful proxy, it can bring a substantial boost in your SoundCloud plays, views, likes, and follows, etc.

What Kind Of Sound Cloud Proxy Should One Use?

Choosing the right kind of proxy is crucial to the smooth automation of your SoundCloud networking endeavors. Otherwise, your effort would be for nothing. Although there are different kinds of proxies available on the internet, only rotating, dedicated, and semi-dedicated proxies are suitable for SoundCloud.

Rotating proxies

Rotating proxies operate by providing you with a new IP address every time you or your SoundCloud bots use them. They have a vast pool of IP addresses just waiting to be used by you. When used with carefully timed intervals, these proxies will keep your SoundCloud bots from being detected by the website. Rotating proxies are ideal in situations where the user wants to avoid detection by the websites. Examples of such situations include online task automation, such as web scraping and social media networking, etc.

Dedicated proxies

A dedicated proxy, although highly efficient, allocates a single IP address dedicated only to you. In other words, every time you or your SoundCloud bots use the dedicated proxy, the same IP will be used. This can be quite risky if you are not careful enough. Especially when you are using a SoundCloud bot. or a SoundCloud Play bot, even the slightest misstep could land you on the system’s radar.  A dedicated proxy is the best option where the user does not need to go undetected by the servers.

Semi-Dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies fall somewhere in the middle of dedicated and shared proxies. Unlike a dedicated proxy, a semi-dedicated proxy is not confined to a single user. Neither is it shared among a vast number of users like shared proxies. Rather, a typical semi-dedicated proxy is restricted to around two to five users at a time. The limited number of users keeps the efficiency and effectiveness of the proxy from being compromised. It is a well-established fact that a SoundCloud proxy is essential for a better user experience with SoundCloud. Not only can you get unrestricted access to content but also reach audiences from different parts of the world. However, your choice of a SoundCloud proxy and SoundCloud bot defines your overall experience.


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